Beach WiFi Hotspot Sponsoring

Beach Chameleon provides a truly unique media platform on the beach which is able to integrate outdoor media with lifestyle media, digital social media and events, catching the eyeballs of the audience whilst they are having fun, thus being receptive to marketing messages.
Inspired by, and in support of, HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to make Dubai a connected Smart City, Beach Chameleon now offers sponsorship of a Wifi network as well as exclusive branding of the coastline.
In brief, with full support and endorsement of the Dubai Municipality, we have installed solar powered, green 4G LTE high speed Wifi hotspots from with-in the Chameleons, delivering an integrated Wifi network on the entire public beach front!!
The integration of exclusive branding, Wifi sponsorship and digital marketing, events and activations, is now uniquely possible with Beach Chameleon.
Beach visitors connecting to our hotspots could be informed about the newest products and offers and users can be forwarded to a micro-page with detailed product information and a sign-up for news and updates. 
With an annual audience of more than 6.5 million people, having an average dwell time of 4 hours per visit, and being in a natural, uncluttered and receptive state of mind, Beach Chameleon effectiveness has proven to be significant.