Beach Chameleon has been designed to cater to the marketing requirements of our valued advertising clients, and provides a truly unique branding opportunity from which to engage with the Dubai population whilst they are having fun, thus being receptive to marketing messages.

With Beach Chameleon, a temporary beach changing room concept, where Dubai beach patrons can change in a secure, clean and private space, we are offering our advertising clients the unique opportunity to deliver their advertising messages to their target in a clutter-free environment.

Catering to international tourists, residents and UAE Nationals, Beach Chameleon provides a comfortable environment to change from beach attire to normal clothes and vice versa.

Located along all public beaches in Dubai, Beach Chameleon is used by families, children and ladies; as well as separate changing facilities for men; allowing those with traditional values a space where they feel able to change comfortably without prying eyes, thus feeling more comfortable to visit and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Dubai more regularly.